Week 6 - July 28th to August 4th

I couldn’t take it. I scheduled my checkup and met with the doctor. He said everything was fine and my eyes weren’t that dry. He said my eyes just need to be cleaned from the accumulated discharge that eyes produce. I know what you’re thinking… Yummy.

One of the staff members, cleaned my eye lids with cotton and Doc prescribed some anti biotic drops to take care of that. The Doctor said that if I wasn’t comfortable with the gel, to stop. The less medication the better. Jokes aside. That’s a sign of a good doctor. He went on to say to use the drops as little as possible and instead of rushing to the drops, to just gently wash my eyes with a little water.

It’s been 3 days. So far, the dryness has continued but it’s not as bad as last week. It is improving to some degree but I wasn’t prepared for this.